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        Shenzhen Chaste Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.It is a specialized company integrating R&D, production and sales of ultraviolet (UV) curing systems. In 2008, the R&D, design and processing center was located in Beijing. Over the years, it has been doing UV-LED equipment OEM for some large and medium-sized enterprises...

Improve competitiveness with high quality products and services;
OEM UV-LED equipment for large and medium enterprises;
Long term cooperation with large and medium enterprises
Improve the technical manufacturing capacity of UV curing system;
Introduce advanced equipment to ensure product quality;
High quality UV curing system, engineers and fast logistics
Market demand, technical progress and customer satisfaction;
Customize all kinds of UV curing system equipment;
Imported products and experimental and testing instruments and equipment
Long term UV curing system serviceLong term UV curing system service;
Cooperation, progress and win-win;
Provide all-round and multi-channel quality service
Company news
How to get good UV curing effect
How to get good UV curing effect
Control of surface temperature of UV lamp tubeGenerally, the surface temperature of the UV lamp tube should be controlled at 200°C. If the s……
Industry News
What are the advantages of led-uv curing system?
What are the advantages of led-uv curing system?
Compared with the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, the LED-UV curing system is definitely better than the LED-UV curing system. Its ……
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